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Purchase and Sales Agreements

We represent clients in real property purchase and sale agreements, For Sale By Owner, Private or Intra-Family Transactions (hourly or flat rate fee - more info), International Buyers or Sellers, 1031 exchanges, title and ownership, deeds, legal entity and tax structuring. 

Proposition 60 and 90

We assist with Proposition 60 (intra-county) and Proposition 90 (outside county), age 55 and up, residential property base tax transfers (more info).

Real Estate Financing and Title Issues

We assist with real property financing, including preparation and filing of Deeds of Trust (security interest in the real property), and drafting Promissory Notes.

We assist with Title Report analysis and Resolutions. 

Real Estate Ownership Structuring and Taxation

We provide tax counseling regarding real property income tax, capital gains tax, and local assessment tax.

Acquiring and holding real property title is specific to the needs and objectives of the interest holder(s) that without due diligence, legal, and tax advice can result in adverse tax consequences. Ownership can be in the form of an individual's name, a legal entity, or trust.

We also provide legal and tax structuring services to Non Resident Alien real property purchasers and current real property owners (more info).

Real Estate Ownership Remedies

We provide legal representation regarding ownership rights and disputes. Any co-owner has a right to have his or her interest bought out or force the real property to be sold. This remed is called  real property partition.

A Quiet Title action is an action to definitively declare the real property ownership status and rights, in other words removing any cloud from the title.

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